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Group employment information

We demand excellent human resources creating media group which assumed "picture, broadcast" nucleus together in TV TOKYO group.

TV TOKYO Corporation

Broadcasting mainly on terrestrial broadcasting and rights business mainly on business using right to be derived from right to use broadcasts secondarily, other broadcast

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TV TOKYO Communications Corporation

Business such as development, administration of digital medium which utilized program contents or character and cross media advertisement, contents charging, digital commodification, EC

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TV TOKYO Medianet, Inc.

Plan, production of program supply and animated show to the country, plan, sale of package software

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TV TOKYO Commercial, Inc.

Preparations duties of CM broadcast, editing duties for subtitles production and program sale of program

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TV TOKYO Art & Lighting, Inc.

Design & produce duties to affect art, lighting, graphic, the CG others visual whole of picture work, event including TV show

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TV TOKYO Production, Inc.

Plan, production of broadcast

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TV TOKYO Direct, Inc.

Television shopping, EC, plan of mobile mail order and general produce company which we run

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Technomax, Inc.

Various technical duties of program, administration of editing studio

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AT-X, Inc.

Animation program offer to CS pay channel, plan, production of animation program

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